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LiveJournal 2nd Ever Style Contest

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Dear Diary… Apr. 11th, 2005 @ 06:18 pm

My third and final submission is Dear Diary. This layout features a side navigation bar from which underlined headings run across the page and fade. It also allows the user to optionally have a coloured background pattern on the top title bar. A dozen patterns are included right now, and the user can choose both the foreground and background colour of them.

Mobile Device Style Apr. 11th, 2005 @ 02:03 am
Mobile Device Style
This style is probably different than what everyone else is making because it's not "pretty". In fact, it's very basic. The point of the style is to use it on mobile devices (such as cell phones and PDAs), because it's basically just the text and nothing fancy (and no pictures except lj user heads and such). I came up with the idea when one of my friends asked me to make her a style to use on her SideKick, since she uses Component in her journal, which is hard to read on a little screen. Plus, it takes a long time to load.

My idea with this style, if possible, is for it to automatically have it applied to S2 journals being viewed on a mobile device. I know there is already code in place that identifies a lot of mobile devices and automatically shows LiveJournal pages in the "lynx" style, so this would be the same thing, except have it apply to S2 styles. That way, a user can still have a pretty style on their journal when it's being viewed on a normal computer. It could still be a choice in the drop-down menu as well, in case someone wants it to be default.

There are no themes or CSS involved in this style because they're not needed. The point of this style is not customization, but simplicity. However, the style is almost entirely XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant as well as Section 508/WAI accessible. I say "almost" because there are some things in the style that are generated by LiveJournal (such as forms) that aren't compliant, plus a few other little things that would have required me to have each "read comment" link have different wording, which isn't very appealing. So, this style can also be used by blind users, and I assume it'd be easier for a screen reader to read a style like this than a more complicated style.

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Mobile Device Style Screenshot

A Novel Conundrum Apr. 10th, 2005 @ 07:34 pm
A Novel Conundrum
I was re-reading my copy of Bringhurst, and was suddenly struck by a desire to see the extent to which I could replicate decent-looking print typography in, well, my LJ. As a consequence, the themes become not sets of colours, but sets of typefaces, adding styling to the text itself. This style uses many of the moderately interesting features of CSS2 such as first-letter and first-line pseudo-elements, as well as custom leading and letterspacing to actually make the text look decent (sometimes). The more arcane typographical features of CSS have been neglected. An early draft of the desired appearance (laid out in InDesign CS) is available at http://www.its.caltech.edu/~taion/lj-proof.pdf. The fleuron used was gladly donated by Wingdings after it was mugged in a dark back alley. The only font used that is somewhat obscure is Frutiger Linotype, which comes with Microsoft Reader, and is in general just a beautiful font to have anyway.

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Apr. 11th, 2005 @ 07:25 am

Apply Externally is another simple, flat-colour layout. It has a fixed onscreen structure which includes a side navigation bar and a scrolling content area. It's completely colour-customisable and supports the same paraphenalia as Statuesque does, with the same nod to extensibility.

Again, the presentation is entirely CSS-based.

Texturized Apr. 11th, 2005 @ 07:57 am

Here's the second of my two layouts, this one featuring a bit more to look at and adding a few more things to customize. This adds a further level of background configurability, as well as a full positionable sidebar that was cut down in my previous layout. Again making heavy use of palimg_tint for some nice custom textures, this one should be fairly flexible and allow for a large range of designs.

The themes included are pretty much the same as for my previous layout dinky (with a couple of variations here and there to account for more to customize)

and the Themes

Hope you like this one too :)

Other entries
» 3-column style
It's pretty much what the name says. lol. A three-column style. It's not as flexible as I wish it was, but I had two extremelly busy weeks. It does have the option to add a header and a background image, though. Well, I suck at writing intros, so...

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EDITED 21/jun/2005
Answers to common questions:

1. The reply-type of text don't work
Sorry about that. I'll look into it. I'd suggest using icons at least for now.

2. Icons don't show up
Not much I can do about that. I'll email the LJ-person who I have been in contact with. Meanwhile, as requested, here are the original images:

They have a transparent background.

3. How do I edit the blurb text?
Go to "manage" then "customize". Look for "individual settings" and click it. Then click on the tag "text". At the bottom of that page, you can edit the blurb title and the blurb text.

4. How do I center the header?
It was supposed to be centered already, like mine is. I'll look into it.

5. The layout looks messed up on FireFox.
This is weird. I have FireFox, and it loads the page perfectly. Are you sure you don't have a big image or quiz result or something that is enlarging the posts area by itself?

6. How do I add more than five links?
At the link customization screen, just click the little button that reads "more". That is, if you have a paid account. Someone told me free accounts can't have more than 5 links.

7. Where can I find overrides for this style?
ishie has written a tutorial on how to center your header, add side boxes and change the time stamp: here
I've also been informed there's a new community for the style: 3column.
Feel free to create your own. I could even link to them here if you would let me.

8. Insert any questions about tags here.
The tags function has just been added. I don't know how to work with it yet, and I doubt it will happen anytime soon. I just got a new job, and I'm going completly insane with papers due on college, so I don't really have much free time. Sorry.
» Flexible Squares
Flexible Squares

A help community for the style can now be found at s2flexisquares.

I started writing an S2 style because I wanted a layout that could be easily modified by using CSS, and I eventually ended up with this. The layout can be changed quite a lot by overriding or extending the stylesheet. I also wanted something that could be easily customised using the wizard as well, especially when it came to colours.

At the moment, there isn't much stuff in the sidebar, but I'm sure those can be added later.

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Customisation Options:
what you can customise from the wizardCollapse )


The screenshot is of the default style with no customisations. My own journal is currently using the "Fresh Paint" theme, with no other customisations.
» Color Play
Color Play

This style is fairly recent, and is one I created for my own use. I'm not sure exactly where, or why, I came up with the idea of using colors to indicate the entry security, but I like the effect, a lot. (For the public version of the style, I have included the option to also have text indicators of security; I don't use them, but other people may prefer to.) Again, I have tried to add a fair amount of customizability -- colors, background and header images, user picture options, order of sidebar elements, width and position of the sidebar area, width and position of the journal content, transparency options, things like that.

The preview is of what I'm currently using for my own journal, which is using something that isn't quite one of the provided color themes, but is similar, and also uses a (nonscrolling) background image. All changes were done using the customization wizard.

Full list of customization optionsCollapse )

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(ETA -- it was brought to my attention that the theme previews only really show public entries, unless you're me. I've included small and large screenshots with public, protected, and private entries, so you can see the full range.)

Day (browse) screenshots: large small
Night (browse) screenshots: large small
Spring (browse) screenshots: large small
Summer (browse) screenshots: large small
Autumn (browse) screenshots: large small
Winter (browse) screenshots: large small
Monochrome White (browse) screenshots: large small
Monochrome Black (browse) screenshots: large small
Pastel Rainbow (browse) screenshots: large small
Blackberry (made by hopefulnebula) (browse) screenshots: large small

sample user layer (what is shown in the screenshot)


» Geometrix
I had always wanted to create a layout that accomplished two things: (1) it would be completely user-friendly so I could share it & ensure that people could easily customize it, and (2) it would incorporate many of the neat functionalities I had seen & used elsewhere. I'm not quite sure if I accomplished that given that I only started last week, but I'm pretty happy with what I came up with.

My design, though not amazingly chic, was based more on functionality than a cool-factor. I'm a minimalist at heart, yet, this layout can range from incredibly simple to being as busy as your heart desires through the Customization area. That being said, here is a short list of all that is possible with Geometrix:

  • Ability to have sideboxes (components, sidebar, what-have-you) on either side of the entries OR on both (or none at all).

  • Ability to have "short" entries on the Recent Entries page (similar to Digital Multiplex OSWD).

  • Automatic Color Palettes (similar to Haven). I will admit that my coding on this is a little quirky, so sometimes you may have to override the link color to be a bit more suitable. (Hey, what do you expect in a week?? :P If anything drove me crazy about this layout, it was this! I almost didn't submit it because I'm a perfectionist at heart and this was driving me absolutely mad.)

  • Ability to specify a different background for pretty much everything! (Hence what I mean when I say you can make it incredibly busy if you like!)

  • Ability to specify a header image.

  • Ability to put metadata (music & mood) in their own little sub-box within the entry.

  • Ability to hide the sideboxes on the Entry & Reply pages.

  • You will be able to change the text on almost anything & everything.

  • You can specify images to be used for the post comment/read comment/permalink/etc. links instead of text.

  • You can specify the profile sidebox to randomize between up to five userpics. (In theory, I could add more, I just didn't have time.)

  • Other new sideboxes include a text message sidebox, up to 3 Music/TV/Book/etc. sideboxes, Icon Display sidebox, and a search sidebox for Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com, Google & Google Image Search as well as an LJ search.

  • And more...!

Here are the table of links & color themes. Note that any theme marked with an asterisk (*) is also an example of other modifications that can be customized through the Customization Wizard.  There's a variety of color schemes here - I think I made thirteen.  The color palette functionality comes up with some interesting color combinations! :)
ThemesCollapse )

Also, if you just go to my journal: pyaari, you will see another example of this layout, customized solely through the Customization wizard.

Here's a screenshot of the default theme:

Hope you enjoy it,

» Dinky

I'm new to livejournal (and friends with mart ) so thought this contest would be a good way to become familiar with S2 and see what all the fuss is about. This is the first of two complimentary layouts I made (with a little of mart's help), this one targeting primarily mobile device users (such as pocket pc's) whilst also being a nice lightweight layout in its own right and the second targeted at the regular desktop user. Both layouts make good use of the palimg_tint function to allow them to have quite greatly different looks by combining background textures, and provide further customization thanks to their mainly CSS layout control.

The themes included are just a random selection of things I thought looked nice, hopefully they'll give you a good idea what the layout is capable of. Anyway, on with the links

and the Themes

Hope you like it :)

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